As a Research, Internet, Women, Governance and ICT enthusiast Tess Wandia is on a mission to challenge the status quo of environments or situations that she is placed in.
With an educational background in Commerce, she has been propelled her to connect the dots in diverse business environments and understand mechanisms of Business Management across global markets, not only in Africa but in the Asia Pacific region where she was tasked with providing business intelligence in the Pharmaceutical industry.

With over 4 years professional experience in not for profit business, she also has extensive experience working in and leading both physical and virtual teams as well as strategy development. During this time her advanced communication skills and entrepreneurial insights have presented her with opportunities to take part in several projects and campaigns with great stakeholder impact.

Tess is currently a Researcher at iHub Nairobi where she has been invaluable in conceptualising and implementing various aspects of research. In her research work she has been involved in enabling entrepreneurs, consortiums and organisations both local and international access critical market insights.

In her research work at the iHub, Tess has grown an interest in Internet Freedom especially for minority populations and women in particular where she is currently trying to understand perceptions of internet freedom for these groups and working on ways to enhance their experiences online.

Her recent and current research spans the areas of Governance, Policy, Internet and Entrepreneurship in Kenya.

She is also a member of the DIODE Network where she is a core researcher.

Tess is also greatly interested in Governance, Policy and Women in Technology where she shares her thoughts periodically online.